Tables and formulae app for electical specialists, installers, electronics technicians and electrical engineers.

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The ideal tool for the construction site, service centre, office or meeting room.

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Formula Calculator

Examples of the integrated calculator:

  • motor power calculation
  • voltage drop
  • compensation
  • cable length
  • distance calculator
  • Performance assessment with the counter
  • Sat-Finder
  • Plus many more...

Intelligent charts
& clear graphics

The way to carry all relevant information for the electrical trade with you:

  • protection ratings
  • protection types
  • cable rating
  • component attributes and connector labels
  • motor terminal boards
  • light circuits/switchers
  • glass fibre (colour codes, plug types etc.)
  • colour codes for fuses
  • colour codes for wire end ferrules
  • lamp sockets
  • device tags

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